PhD Students

Konstantinos Athanassiadis

PhD Student

Democritus University of Thrace

Department of Agricultural Development

Pantazidou 193, 68200, Orestiada, Greece

Tel.: +30 25520 41176

E-mail: akostis78@yahoo.gr

Academic History

2013 - : PhD Student, Department of Agricultural Development, DUTh 

PhD project: Chrysopids as biological control agents of vegetable pests.

Bachelor in Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture,  Aristotle University  of Thessaloniki (AUTh)

2005: MSc in Agriculture and Environment, Department of Environment, Aegean University.

2002: Bachelor in Technology of Agriculture, Technological Institution of Thessaloniki.


Language Skills




Athanasiadis K, Pappas ML, Anastasiou K & GD Broufas 2013. Developmental threshold temperatures of Chrysoperla lucasina (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae), a cryptic species of the European carnea species group. 15th National Entomological Congress, Kavala, 22-25 October 2013.

Athanasiadis K., Giannakou I., Papadopoulou S. and Karamanos A., 2003. Combined use of nematicide cadusafos with fumigant metham sodium as an alternative to methyl bromide method for controlling Meloidogyne spp. in tomato greenhouses. 10th National Congress of Entomology, Heraklio 3-7 November 2003.

Prophetou-Athanasiadou D.A., D. Potouris, E. Athanasiadou and K. Athanasiadis 2004. Effectiveness and attractiveness of different types of traps for the control of Bactrocera oleae (diptera, Τephritidae). Panhellenic congress: Biodiversity and Global Change, Panhellenic ecological society and Panhellenic Zoological Society, Mitylene 18-21 November 2004.

Prophetou-Athanasiadou D.A. and K. Athanasiadis 2004. Organic Agriculture and Environment: The case of organic olive culture. 3rd Panhellenic Congress: climatic change, sustainable development and renewable resources of energy. Thessaloniki 15 – 17 October 2009.

Athanasiadis, K.A., Ch. Giourga, G. Siardos, E.A. Athanasiadou, D.A. Prophetou, O. Iakobidou and A. Paraskevopoulos, 2005. Comparative study of organic olive culture in the island of Thassos Northern Greece and in the Messinia Prefecture, Peloponnesus South Greece. In International Symposium on: Organic Agriculture in the Mediterranean –Problems and Perspectives. Chania, Crete, Greece, 9-11 November, 2005.


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