Morphology, biology, ecology and management of the economically important insect pests of arable (wheat, corn, cotton, tobacco, sugar beet, potato, leguminous crops, asparagus) and vegetable crops.


Learning outcomes

Upon the completion of the course students will be able to: (1) identify the different insect pests of the selected arable and vegetable crops studied, (2) understand the main aspects of the biology, ecology and ethology of the selected pest species studied, (3) organize a plan for the implementation of chemical control, biological control or integrated pest management in the field and vegetable crops studied.


Written exams at the end of the semester. Furthermore, students will have the opportunity to prepare and submit by the end of the semester one literature review project on a topic relevant to the objectives of the course.

Supplementary literature sources will be available during the course through e-class.

Mandatory (Plant Production and Plant Protection) / Elective (Rural Economics), 7-9th Semester

For Erasmus Students courses are taught in English

Πλαίσιο κειμένου: Pests of Field Crops and Vegetables


Updated March 2015